Blackberrys Just Don't Do

I just saw the new Blackberry advertising campaign, "there are people who do, and people that don't". This subject makes me very touchy indeed. Having come from the kind of school that slaves drives the minds of the people that are capable of straight A*'s into going to the top universities for the peak of accademia, while the 'creative' people sit on the sidelines and clap when their told to. Not only is this stupid because the genius in the minds of the academics can be applied to creativity with enlightening results, but they can co-exist in the same person. Creativity can be applied to anything, and its that kind of creativity that scientists come up with cures for diseases, or designers people come up with inventions that save the world. 

The people that 'do' in this world are not defined by what grades they get, or how much money they make each year. Anyone can 'do', regardless of... well everything.  And whats more, is that the people who do 'do' dont usually own Blackberrys. The probably dont even own a phone. They are too busy out there doing. Exploring the world, seeing their friends, living life.

 From my experience the people who own Blackberrys are mainly business men, working for massive companies, taking orders on the daily and following them because its their job to. Theres nothing wrong with that, because that is what they do best. Phones are made for communicating, and Blackberrys do that very well. It just annoys me how oxymoronic their advertising is. The people who 'do' are the people who do what their told. BUY A BLACKBERRY! THINK FOR YOURSELF! These two things don't go together. Neither do Blackberrys and creative people. People who do.


Project 3 Revised: Rulebook: X-Height Part 2
(Ben Pender, Anastasija Voitova)

A revised version of our earlier X-Height project for re-mark. We changed the final image to have small legs, which involved re-shooting all the images. This defiantly works a lot better than it did before, but otherwise the concept is still exactly the same.

Avengers Assemble

So, I saw the new 'Avengers Assemble' movie yesterday, which was FUCKING EPIC! and just when I didn't think it could get any better, I found these online... After reading they were priced at $600 for the lot, I was deeply upset. After some serious research online I found that there are a dozen ebay sellers parting with original copies for just under $50 a pop!  Definitely buying... possibly all of them. The hardest part now is deciding which one to get. If I were to be an Avenger, i'd probably be Thor... mainly cos of the hair and not the extraordinary amount of muscular tonage.


Project 14: Fanzine part II
(Group Project: Ben Pender, Olivia Charlesworth)

So after a few long discussions about how and where we went wrong the first time, we ignored everything we had been told and re-designed our Zine, almost completely. This time we stayed far truer to our original concept and to the essence of what a Zine is. The cost to make each Zine was re-thought as we realised that we had to make at least 30 of them in a week. This meant sticking to black and white printing at the uni printers/photocopiers. Still desperate to have colour we used a single colour setting for the back (red) and bound it with red ribbon. 

The idea of our Zine is based on abstraction; the reduction of information to a simpler form. We start with a theme, and break that down into 16 parts, one for each page. Each part is a clue to what the theme is. However each part has only a visual, cryptic clue for you to work it out. Without knowing the theme for which each page is bound, little can be understood about the editorial content of the Zine. Hence the name 'Abstruse' meaning difficult to understand. After you've read through the minefield of pages you are instructed to undo the 8 bindings on the spine and read the book in reverse. The back holds the red pages each of which has not only the answer but an explanation to how and why the clue was made as it was. Followed by some information about the answer itself. After that, the unusually made book can be folded out re reveal a poster with a visual representation of the overall theme. 

This Zine is part game, part informative guide, part poster. For just £3 this Zine can be yours, just email me at for more information.