Project 14: Fanzine part 1
(Group Project: Ben Pender, Olivia Charlesworth)

This week we were assigned a brief to publish our own 'Zine' under the broad title of 'elements'. On the second day (without having done any productive work yet) we had a tutorial to further advance our ideas. In scrambling our brains searching for an idea, we managed to fabricate a body of research in or minds for a rather complex Zine idea, based on the abstraction of information. Even using the mannerist definition of humour 'expectation deceived' to describe the way our Zine would be read... We had unaware-idly set ourselves an enormous task of creating what we blagged. After a nightmare week on InDesign, we had to come up with a document explaining the layout, grids, typefaces, every possible detail, amounting to the an overall 'attitude'. Almost every group failed this... including us. This is what we showed.