10 key facts about me

1 My hair is long. When I was a kid would just get my head shaved then let it grow into a buzz before shaving it again at a place that didn’t speak English apart from offering them a number between 1 and 20 which would indicated the length of hair you wanted.  After realising this wasn’t that normal for kids my age I got proper boy-length hair for the first time.  This meant having to go to a proper hairdresser, which is where the fear began.  Failed haircut after failed haircut left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and a hatred of anyone who attempted to cut my hair. So I pretty much stopped cutting it for good.

2  I love music. A lot. Music is definitely a big part of my life. I don’t think I could cope without music.  For the last 4 years I don’t think there was a single point where I haven’t had a ticket booked for a gig or something. I crave the bass; being able to feel the music physically gives it a whole ‘nother level.

3  I can’t stop writing in caps-lock. I think I find it hard to write joined up because it’s too much to think about when trying to spell and think of what to say at the same time. So for I while I went through a phase of writing in lowercase but keeping letters separated, but then I kept missing out the first letters of words for some reason.  Ironically it was when writing history of art notes that I decided to try writing all in capital letters, because I found it harder to read lowercase. Once I started I couldn’t stop, and now I have forgotten how to write not in capitals.

4  Given the choice of getting something done well before a deadline so I can use any free time after I’ve finished to either relax or refine what I’ve done, or leaving it until the last minute so I freak out and work overtime to get it all done… then you’ll probably find me doing the latter.  Not that at any point I’d feel comfortable overriding my perfectionism and scrutinising over minute details that no one but me would ever see.

5  I love making lists. Whenever something needs to be done, or be remembered or anythinged… I’ll probably make a list. I even go as far as making tiny check boxes for each point that needs to be accomplished.

6   I’ve only ever had one pet.  A frog called Trevor. It wasn’t even a real pet, it just kept swimming around this bowl of rainwater in my garden. But everyday it kept coming back. I would just try and touch its back as it jumped around me and we’d play stupid games.  A few days before my 6th birthday I came out one morning to find it skinned alive by my neighbours cat.  It was like seeing Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru burnt carcases in Star Wars for the fist time. My stomach shrank.

7  Although he’s 20 years older than me to the day, I met my longest standing friend/best friend of all time while at nursery school. When he was around my age now, he worked at the nursery by day. My mum asked if he’d take me home every other for lunch and then got into babysitting me on the regular. We would just hang out like we were brothers. He was a breakdancer and super talented graffiti artist by night, and as a kid I was in awe of him, I still am. Directly and indirectly he educated my music taste, taught me to draw and fundamental morals and thoughts about life. To this day we still find time to hang, go climbing mountains or whatever. There are many people that have shaped my life, but I know I’d be very different if I’d never met him.

8   I have a brother who is three and a half years older than me. We went to a state primary school called John Betts where once a month they would give out ‘gold awards’ in assembly to students who had excelled in one form or another. Now these were just pieces of paper with some gold writing on but we wanted them bad. There were these other awards called attendance awards for never being late or missing school, which you’d receive at the end of the year if you’d managed this. Well my bro went through the entire 7 years without missing a beat, and so they made a new award for him… The ‘Super Attendance Award’. As his younger brother, of course I wanted to follow in his footsteps… and I did.  So there I am at the year 6 prize giving waiting eagerly to accept my reward, but it never came. I was told they just forgot, but apparently in reception I missed half a day because of an ear infection… damn fascists… 

9   I pissed on someone’s sofa once.  It looked expensive too. Embroided pillows.  Goose feathers. I mean this thing was an antique. But I just needed to go and I didn’t know where the toilet was…

10   Oh and I think a lot. Maybe too much. But i dunno. I tend to write how I would talk so I tend to write too much because I'm carried away with all these words that I like to say, but then again I'm more selective when I type and tend not to write 'like' and 'um' which I say a lot in real life. Haha real life... Also I think I sound more intellectual when I write probably because I can think about what to say a little more and think of big words and stuff.