Daniel Eatock

Daniel Eatock is still my favourite graphic designer. 

I sat in a lecture of his, as a foundation student doing Graphic Design at Kingston, and marveled at the intellect, wit, and general awesomeness that spilled out of his mouth and circular slide show presentation. He explained the way he works as a freelance graphic designer. It is to set himself rules and guidelines, and then to question them rationally or maybe irrationally. Despite having always thought I would be a fine artist, I had spent the whole year studding Graphic Design (I still wasn't sure why, it had just felt right). But as I sat there mesmerised I finally understood why fine art was so limiting... There were no rules. Without knowing limitations and boundaries, what was there to compete with? What was there to question?  Fine art is art, art can have meaning, art can question anything you want it to question, but it can't ever have the same forethought that Graphic Design has, if it does it's just Graphic Design... call it what you want.

Maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about, maybe i still don't know what I'm talking about but it made sense then.  And I hope it will again some day...